Chub Rub Season 🔥

So as we know the summertime is here ☀️ and as much as we love to get our tan on, the sun isn’t always our best friend.

Here in London, we’ve had some crazy hot weather (which even though it’s June, is very rare) and that brings its own set of problems.  One of the worst (and I know you know what I’m talking about) is CHAFING!!

Seriously wtf it’s actually like the worst feeling down there. It’s caused by too much rubbing between your thighs whether that’s from carrying a little extra Fluffiness 😉, working out, walking or even just wearing your fav tight mini shorts.

But, worry not this chub rub season as we’ve found the best products to help reduce this nightmare and to also help treat if you are already suffering.

  1. Lush – Silky Underwear Dusting Powder, £5.95

I’ve heard people swear by this powder and there is a reason why they do. It feels like pure silk on your skin and is reasonably priced for a medium sized bottle. This dusting powder from Lush is for your whole body but sprinkle some on your palms and rub on to your inner thighs and you are ready to go my friend. The coco butter formula creates a smooth barrier on your skin and the jasmine scent is just a bonus! ✨

2. Witch Doctor  – Hazel Skin Treatment Gel, £3.05

Now although this isn’t exactly for chafing, the treatment gel is used for irritated skin and is known for its soothing benefits. It’s easily applicable by just rubbing it on to the affected area and the cold gel is quickly absorbed. Witch Hazel is known for reducing inflammation and with this gel known for going a long way, at less than £4 it’s a bargain!

      3. Lanacane – Anti- Chafing Gel, £5.75

This beauty gives you all the protection in a little tube. Perfect for carrying around, this gel specifically for chafing gives you protection all day long by creating a breathable barrier on your skin. The best part is it can also be used all over your body for added comfort. It’s fragrance free, non-greasy and also stain resistant so you can use it with confidence no matter what you’re wearing and all summer long.

4.  Vaseline– Petroleum Jelly, £2.59

Ok so this isn’t exactly a chafing product but I promise you it still works. This 100% petroleum jelly eliminates friction immediately and its mineral oils lock in moisture deep in to the skin. It’s comes in a variety of sizes and is easily accessible to buy. It is also triple-filtered ensuring that it is super pure which is always bonus when using products on delicate skin. Just be careful though- because this is oil based it can leave marks on clothes so be sure to rub it in well!

5. Fenjal– Classic Luxury Body Powder, £3.79

This 5 star product adds a little bit of luxury to a normal talcum powder product. Its super fine and almost melts in to your skin as you rub it in. It leaves your skin smooth and silky without the major price tag. Its thinner consistency is what makes it a great product to use for chafing than regular baby powder. Don’t rule it out as a go-to; it’s less than £4 for a pretty decent sized bottle!

Lastly, it’s not a body product as such but you can also try investing in some workout shorts. These are usually made of a stretchy breathable material and can be worn under dresses, skirts etc without any problem. People also swear by using deodorant sticks to help with excess moisture and suppleness. Just rub it on to the area where chafing occurs and keep the sweat at bay, all day ✌️.

I hope this helps in making summer that little bit more enjoyable (we already know it’s not going to last that long in London 😩) and be sure to leave your comments below if you do try them out!

Thanks for reading 💓!

Fluffy LDN



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